Friday, August 30, 2013

Casual Lunch into Frenzy News

I got a email invitation to come for a casual conversation among friends in tech incubation and VC, so here I am.

Turns out it's a fun way to show off gadgets and wearables device among us. What else do we discuss in this Internet world.... Fuelband, Jawbone and Fitbit are sure way to ignite envies :)

After the opening chat, then here's it comes, a discussion about what do we all need in this digital industry. Ecosystem, education, industry data are among to be discussed. 

But my biggest question is in this lunch was....hey do we us all need another association, alliance or whatever you want to call it?

It's always nice to have people with the same interest to sit in one table, just to chill out, casual conversation and exchange latest updates, but for me I am not into association or any effort to change policy, collaboration with government whatsoever. My glory days to change the world are over :) Some of you knows me better... I am a pragmatist now

Since we are all always too busy, we call the meeting off, decide to have a gentleman's club and run off to our next meeting.

Later I found that this one lunch photo create a sensational news in the media....

Chill out friends, this is just a casual lunch and no agenda to change the world.....yet...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Colorful Tea Experience at T2

This store provides colorful tea experience for your senses, from smell touch and taste.

Monday, August 12, 2013