Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dinner with Karim Rashid

This is taken from Shinta's blog.

This event was organized by the Forum Graphic Design Indonesia to keep the graphic industry alive in this country and the region. My hat off to my good friend, Andi Boediman (owner of Digital Studio- Indonesia’s leading school of Computer Graphics) and his colleagues in organizing such a large scale and powerful exhibition in Indonesia. Not to mention, they were able to bring prominent speakers with big names from all over the world. On the 9th of August, Andi invited me to attend the “Designers’ dinner gathering” at Melanie Hall’s residence. Melanie is also a friend of mine who happens to be a very talented interior designer with retro and edgy taste in design. So I attended the event with my friends, Andi and Djoko (owner of Concept magazine – Cool & progressive Indonesian Graphic Design Magazine). The party turned out to be fun and got the chance to chat and hang out with famous names in the design industry. That night, I got to meet the friendly and genius Eero Miettinnen who is the man behind Nokia design center in Finland and of course the ever famous New Yorker, Karim Rashid, being the top 10 most influential product designers (FORBES version) and other well known designers from other parts of the world and of course our very own talented and creatives personalities like Jay Subiakto, Andra the architect and Theo from Accupunto.
Me and Eero
With Eero Miettinnen, Nokia’s main man at their design center. Hey, lets talk about what I am wearing. Well, I had on my cropped cape styled vintage batik jacket and to show off my edginess, I added the Alexander McQueen skull scarf and I carried my Thomas Wylde chain Skull bag (that is a really cool bag if you can only see the details)…..Style wise, I could say: modern ethnic combined with rocker chic. Sorry, I just have to share it with you guys anyhow, since this blog will try its best to touch base with any issues in art, fashion and of course Indonesian batik. More importantly, to show everyone that wearing Batik doesnt mean you will look formal and old style, you can have a lot of fun with batik, indeed. ;)
me and karim
With the guy who loves pink Karim Rashid (www.karimrashid.com), (he is the face of the Samsung LCD ad campaign and US top product designers). He actually asked me a question, “so Shinta, what does “Bubu” means?” …hehehe. Well, Karim it is my dog…..
andi, karim n joko
Another picture of Karim with Andi of Digital Studio and Djoko of Concept, the brains behind FGD Expo 2007.
karim painting
Well, yeah Karim is so famous that someone actually did a painting for him that night (one of the guests) and of course the color is Pink. Cool huh??
To my FGD friends, guys,your hard work not only bring Indonesia’s good name but it has given all of us, as players in the creative industry, a new perspective and the chance to show off that Indonesians are in the same league as the top international graphic players. Thank you and Great job guys!

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