Saturday, October 07, 2006

International Young Design Entrepreneur 2006

Source: British Council

Event yang diadakan oleh British Council ini menarik, intinya adalah mengundang para entrepreneur kreatif muda untuk unjuk kontribusi terhadap society. Dalam kategori desain termasuk di antaranya adalah desain, arsitektur/interior, produk, advertising.

Short listed finalis adalah:

Ridwan Kamil (1971, architect) is Principal of Urbane, an architecture and urban design studio in Bandung serving international design clients in Bahrain, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Singapore. His current project is the super-block Rasuna Epicentrum in Jakarta. Ridwan is the Indonesian winner of IYCEY Design Award 2006. He is currently developing his Good Design is Good Business project in partnership with the British Council.

Andi Surja Boediman (1970, graphic designer) pursued film and multimedia production at the New York Film Academy and the Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA. Starting his career in 1995/96 as a 3-D animator and Art Director, he went on to establish the successful Digital Studio Workshop in Jakarta in 2000. He is currently member of the presidium of the Indonesian Professional Graphic Design Association (ADGI).

Arief Budiman (1975, graphic designer) is currently Managing Director of Petakumpet in Yogyakarta. A graduate of Visual Communication Design from the Indonesian Arts Institute, he started the advertising agency with college friends and two computers. The company has since developed from a small graphic design boutique into a full-fledged professional creative company with a staff of 28.

Deny Willy (1975, product designer) is Director of the Apikayu corporation, which brings together innovation from design schools with the skill and local-material knowledge of traditional artisans. In 2004 the Apikayu became a legal business entity through the support of the Young Entrepreneur Start-Up programme (YES). The firm provides training and marketing service for SMEs, developing natural materials once-considered waste into saleable contemporary furniture and handicraft products.

Djoko Hartanto (1972, graphic designer) is principal and publisher of the graphic design magazine Concept since 2003. He obtained a Master’s Degree from the University of Technology and an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from the Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts in Sydney, Australia. He has worked in a number of companies in Australia and Indonesia as Business Partner and Art Director.

Kusprianto Oky (1977, architect) graduated from the Technical Faculty of the Parahiyangan Catholic University. He is co-founder and Principal Architect at APTA and Studio Habitat in Bandung. His studio collaborates with Habitat for Humanity in providing well-designed house for the underprivileged. Kusprianto’s love of books and art drove him to establish the Rumah Buku --a cafĂ©, library and discussion space that also screens independent films.

Leonard Theosabrata (1977, product designer) is creator of the Accupunto line of chairs, which won Germany’s Red Dot Design Award (2003), Italy’s Well tech Award (2006) and was exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology during the Milan Fair 2006. A graduate of the Arts Centre College of Design Pasadena, USA, he is the force behind the DForm forum of young product designers and architects.

Wahyu Aditya (1980, interactive design) is Founder, President Director, Teacher, Principal, Animator, and Creative Designer of Hello; Motion Corporation. Graduating from Sydney’s KvB Institute of Technology interactive multimedia and animation school, he went on to work as freelance comic illustrator and TV animator. His brainchild, the 8-monthly Hello; Fest educates schools and universities students about the art of motion picture.

Wisman Tjiardi (1974, interactive design) is Director of PT. Netpolitan that produces e-learning, multimedia, and portal development. A graduating of the University of Applied Science in Aachen, Germany, he honed his skills as web designer and creative head at leading German multimedia companies. One of his company’s innovative designs is the Character Library for Rapid e-Leaning Courseware Development.

Pemenang di tahun 2006 adalah mas Ridwan Kamil.

Saya sangat terinspirasi oleh semua orang yang menjadi finalis ini. Kita berkumpul, berkompetisi, tetapi saling belajar dan saling menginspirasi. Hasilnya adalah kita saling menjalin network dan berkolaborasi untuk mengerjakan proyek bersama-sama.

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