Friday, August 15, 2008

Anand Agarawala: BumpTop desktop is a beautiful mess

Anand Agarawala is the creator of BumpTop, an irresistible new desktop interface with a satisfyingly three-dimensional physicality and a fresh approach to interactivity.

Interface designer, software developer, inventor, and nerdcore hip-hopper Anand Agarawala brings a welcome sense of expressiveness to the dusty desktop interface. His BumpTop software applies a 3D metaphor and rough-and-tumble interactivity that delights anyone who sees it in action.

In addition to its raw play-with-me fun, BumpTop is also an inspiring example of unconventional thinking. The BumpTop world is a physical space, where traditional point-and-click movement is replaced with a more literal "push and pull" approach, and the icons each possess a weight that reflects their relative importance. Meanwhile, commands are executed via a novel set of pen/stylus shortcuts that go well beyond the limited click-and-drag way of doing things.

Even if you're not quite ready to trade your olde tyme desktop for the BumpTop experience, the interface's unexpected approach to problem-solving is sure to bump-start your thinking in new and unusual directions.

"A radical new concept for the computer desktop."
David Pogue's blog

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