Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Media Conference ‘Widgets and the Future of TV’

12 Dec 2008

Change is the only constant in technological environment. The rapid development brings about greater convergence between different technology platforms and once a unique feature of one platform can be quickly eroded by convergence. Widgets, already invading personal computers of many, are said to have the potential to revolutionize consumer behaviors in TV watching.

What is a Widget? Widget is bite-size data that is streamed onto the screens of computers, providing useful information such as news, sports, video, pictures, searches, games, songs, blogs, auctions, etc.

Currently, TV viewers can customize their viewing preferences made possible by video on demand technology. With Widgets, viewers can receive more information about what they see on the TV screen. For example, viewers only get to see product information in a 30 second commercial determined by the advertisers currently. Any additional information on the product will require follow up action in either calling up the agent or paying a visit to the retail store, but with Widget, viewers can instantly view the varieties, different range of products and even color availability with a push of the TV remote controls.

Programme Outline

KEYNOTE: Bringing the Virtual World to a Screen Near You

Today, the convergence between PC and TV is happening in a manner that few could imagine during the Internet boom in late 1990s. The use of Widgets is growing in an enormous speed on PC and is said to invade TV viewing in no time. What business opportunity does it present? How can traditional TV operators enhance its offerings to the new generation of TV viewers? Hear from the expert from Microsoft, and find out more.

Speaker: Geert Desager, Trade Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia, Microsoft Operations Advertising Solutions

SESSION ONE: Widgets and Personalized Content

In this session, we will discuss about the format of Widget content, which is shifting from the comprehensive portal to the personalized space, where users have control over the selection and arrangement of content.

Speaker: Colin Smith, Multimedia Director, MediaCorp Pte Ltd

SESSION TWO: The Future of Television Advertising

What are the differences between advertisements using Widgets and traditional media? This session will emphasize on a number of hot issues with respect to the future of television advertising, including advertising effectiveness and the role of new interactive technologies. Find out more from Hitwise as up-to-date research statistics will be shared for better insights.

Speaker: Daniel Yen, Country Manager, Hitwise Pte Ltd

SESSION THREE: The Age of Intelligence

The awareness and demand for media home networking is growing rapidly among consumers. As convergence takes place in the living room, we begin to see more and more television sets designed to deliver web contents. This session will be addressed by the the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, who will be introducing the wonders of internet TV system for the future living room.

Speaker: Mark A.Randolph, Fellow of the Technical Staff and Director, Singapore Innovation Center, Motorola

SESSION FOUR: Successful Case Study on Marketing Insights

Emerging Widget analytics hold the key to understanding what holds an audience’s attention and why consumers have shown that they can’t get enough of Widgets when they are useful, entertaining and easy to share. Widgets can be extremely effective in spreading marketing messages and reinforcing the brand. This session will allow you to understand Widgets better and the successful advertising delivery systems.

Speaker: Martin Ross, Country Manager, Eyeblaster SEA Pte Ltd

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