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Superblue: Find Out Why They are Super

October 01, 2005

Superblue is a fresh and innovative design company that specialises in projects for the built environment.

They have been involved in a number of regeneration projects in the UK, and have a growing reputation for creating unique and distinctive designs that meet the needs of specific communities. Good strategies are just as important as good designs.

Superblue has a core staff who works regularly with a network of diverse and talented specialists in architecture, engineering, graphics and multi-media.

Chiming Tree

The collection box which chimes takes pleasure in being used. Made from different chime bars, each branch of this donation box will chime out a different tune.As the coins hit each bar a different note is sounded out, rewarding and attracting people to donate money. Different branches at different hights allow children and adults to play the tree. The tree can be found at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. The tree has also been produced with an oak front panel for St James’s park

Flower Kerb

A highly patterned kerb stone. The motif is repeated throughout an area on unsuspecting surfaces... door handles, bus tickets, coffee cups, the underside of chairs... Some will surprise, some may never be found. The motif spreads like a disease infecting an area and filtering into everyone’s lives. Branding to the extreme.

Hidden Art Stool

Hidden Art Exhibition system

Another successful collaboration with Superblue Associate Jon Almond we are proud to announce that the Modular Exhibtion System will be launched as a product at this years 100% Design. The concept was to design the most practical and versatile system for varied uses on exhibitions over 3 years for the charity Hidden Art. The plinth system was developed as a response to or experience with past exhibition and the brief given. Our Main aim was to design a plinth system is based on using metal units which when slotted together create a varied arrangement of plinth sizes. The U shape of the plinth components allows them to be stacked and packed for transport and storage.

These are the points we wanted to address:

  1. The ability to display variety of work

  2. High finish quality of units and durability for future exhibitions.

  3. Storage space on the stand,

  4. Ease of stand Assembly

  5. Visual language and Branding

  6. Transportation

Having proved itself at both Milano Salone and House and Garden the system will be launched at 100% Design 2006. See how Hidden Art have used the system at House and Garden and at Milano Furniture Salone. To see more from these shows check out our news items in the archive.

The system will be available for all applications and can be personalised to specific companies needs through the unique laser cut graphics.

Hidden Art Stool

The units can be individualised with your laser cut identity. All the units show a strong attention to detail. Check out the whole system below. Please conatct us for full specification and prices

full modular exhibtion system

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