Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Naked News on @jokoanwar

What is the cheapest way to get a follower on Twitter? Simple! Go naked and tweet them on Twitter. That's what Joko Anwar says. For some of you who doesn't know Joko, he is the actor and screenwriter for Janji Joni.

In a matter of hours, all the tweeps in Indonesia really tweet about this and you got it Joko! Be careful with what you wish for ....

A quick check on Trendmap at this moment shows all the trending topics in Jakarta is about this tweet. #Circle K is where Joko getting naked, number of tweets mention about #3000 thousands followers, some mention #5000.

So, to become instant celebrity is getting naked on Twitter. Shall we....

Update on Wednesday 23 September

As promised, at Circle K, shopping and naked, and everybody enjoy the show through Twitter.

And his follower keep growing...numbering 17 thousands as I last checked...that's the payoff...

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