Sunday, November 07, 2010

5 Inspiration from SparxUp Seminar

In SparxUp seminar, Sarah Lacy (@sarahcuda) from Techcrunch inspires me the most by having such a simple presentation in her hand written small note. Most of this inspiration comes from her while the last inspiration comes from the Koprol team.
  • Inspiration 1. Culture of openness and iteration
    Mark Zuckerberg learns everything from the failure of Napsters. What Facebook have today is keeping the improvement iteration. It’s all about execution.
  • Inspiration 2. Advertising won’t get you there, services will possibly better to monetize.
    If Silicon Valley have a second chance, most people will find a way to monetize even if it’s small number.
  • Inspiration 3. Find mentorship, not cash.
    A good mentor is better than millions of investment.
  • Inspiration 4. A product can be a copy, but find innovative business model around it.
    This is the lesson learnt from QQ, as they are able to monetize instant messaging
  • Inspiration 5. Getting investor IS NOT your exit strategy, it's your chance to open a new market
    Koprol proves this by having 10 times the users before Yahoo acquisition, and Yahoo opens up Koprol services in other countries.


  1. Poin 1 to 4 can also be found in "the social network" :D

  2. Ah great, a must see movie then. Will see that soon!