Friday, November 19, 2010

Give Blood with Charles Bonar Sirait

The idea came from Charles Bonar Sirait (@charlesbonar), who works with IDS|International Design School and Kerja Kreatif (@KerjaKreatif) to have this as a Creative Social Responsibility event. Number of artists, including Dennis Adhiswara, Maylaffayza (@maylaffayza), Stinky bands, Andrie Djarot (@andjrot) from tvOne and writer Clara Ng (@clara_ng) give blood on this event. Thanks to Indonesian Red Cross and Prodia, this event runs smoothly.

We see so much disaster in our country, Wasior, Mentawai and Merapi. As a creative community, it's our responsibility to be able to contribute to our own family & friends. Giving blood is a way to express our concern and responsibility. Not to mention that we are able to contribute to Thalassemia patients.

Thanks to all who participate in this wonderful event. We are planning to have this as a regular event, in which we can contribute and be responsible for others.

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