Sunday, March 06, 2011

Converting Network and Knowledge to Equity, a journey back to Entrepreneur

It's been a month since my last responsibility as an executive, now my schedule is even tighter than before. It's so refreshing to have a breathe of fresh air. To be able to make the decision to spend my time on. The biggest difference between an executive and entrepreneur is in the corporate world, security is the key how corporate retain its top executive. By providing salary and family support, it provides a safe environment.

In the entrepreneur world, the risk is always there, not to be able to provide yourself a sustainable income, to provide your family their needs or even to provide your company with enough revenue and then can't provide their salary. But this is the key why an entrepreneur works harder than the one in the corporate world.

In corporate world, your CV is your asset. It is better fill in with all the good one and avoid the failure. So, you can't do any mistake. That's why most of them will not risk to initiate any new things. They can't afford risk so to speak. Most people will choose working slower and assess all the risk before doing anything.

On the other hand, in an entrepreneur world, we are good if we make business. And it's ok to make mistake, especially if we start to do new business. Our most value is building our own equity and asset.

So, what do I get the most when working in a corporate world? The answer is the network and massive resources. It was a great experience to get to know some of the best company in the world. And by working with them side by side, I understand how they think, what they need and to establish a personal relationship with them. But most of this value is not going to sustain, people come and go, business is so dynamic and the ecosystem is always changing.

Now I put myself in the position as an enabler. So many company and people with different value need somebody else or some other company to partner with. By having all the network, now I have to convert all of those become a real equity, an ownership that will grow into new business.

Within just a month, I have worked with Jakarta Post,,, and many others is in the pipeline. Not to mention some big corporate is looking for Indonesian partner and the other way around.

So, it's my time to convert my network and knowledge into a real equity. It's never a secure environment in the entrepreneur world, but surely it's challenging and will be rewarding!

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