Monday, October 31, 2011

Jogja Hiphop Foundation, The Voice of Indonesia

In this Visibly Smart film a group of young Indonesian artists known collectively as the 'Jogja Hip Hop Foundation' presents Indonesia in a new way. Through the eyes of a young, urban, optimistic, and culturally proud music generation we see a fascinating and fresh fusion of old and new Indonesia. The JHF are inspired by and often use traditional Javanese poetry for themes and lyrics as well as traditional gamelan sound. They then mix it with modern hip hop beats, rhythms and sensibilities. The film shows how the computer helps them produce and distribute their music, videos, and related band information to their fans in Indonesia and beyond. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

This is the second vignette done by, an Indonesian digital agency as part of Intel Visual Life global campaign. A humble story of Jogja Hiphop, in which they infuse the hiphop beat with Javanese poetry to communicate a true voice of Indonesian heritage. A great experience to be part of this campaign!

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