Monday, October 17, 2011

Leadership isn't about Ability, It's about Responsibility

In a dialog between the ship captain to his protege, played by Bruce Greenwood and Hilary Swank at The Core, a disaster movie in which the Earth's core has stopped rotating, he mention that being a leader isn't about ability, it's about responsibility. A good leader responsible for the good decision, as well as the bad ones, even the shitty one ... and ones can not really a leader until they've lost.

I learn this from my father, he told me that he had to fire all of the company's staffs when he closed down his bookstore business. He shared this story when I was teenager. He kept only one, that remains working in my parent company to this day. He was so proud to do this, and learn his lesson as a leader.

He taught me about responsibility when I was a kid. I refuse to become class leader as I don't like to lead. He told me to step up to the plate as others has rely on me to select me as one. Now I am glad to take those small responsibility, experience the burden of responsibility while I was young.

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