Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DSCollege Graduation 26 @ F-Bar eX

Cre8ive Force showing off!

This is the celebration of the year! Our Design, Animation and Filmmaking has graduated. And ready to enter the industry.

Bernhard Subiakto from Octovate sharing his experience in creative industry, creating some of the best works including campaign for Gudang Garam TV Commercial and Visit Indonesia Year 2008.

Bernhard Subiakto from Octovate Group is invited. As one of the first Digital Studio College student, he has succeed to lead a creative team that creates a memorable TV Commercial for Gudang Garam as the celebration of Indonesia creativity. His team also creates the logo for Visit Indonesia Year 2008.

His message to all young designer is that design can be placed alongside with other industry as the one that truly rewarding, emotionally and financially. Thanks to Bernhard. Brilliant works!

Dahlia Zinnia Nizar received the Best Lecturer. Again!!??

Tjong Indra awarded with Special Appreciation as a Favourite lecturer.

On behalf of all lecturers, Bima Shaw give the last message for the students.

We give appreciation to the best lecturers in DS College, Dahlia Zinnia Nizar for Digital Design, Rully Rochadi for Digital Animation and Farizhad I Latjuba (Echa) for Digital Filmmaking and Special appreciation goes to Tjong Indra as the favourite lecturer. Bima Shaw represent all lecturers to give his last words to the students.

Then we give appreciation to our best students, Vina Puspita for Digital Design, Benny Kurniawan for Digital Animation and Ferry Arya Seto for Digital Filmmaking

All Digital Design students and faculty posing together.

Digital Animation students posing together with the faculty.

Digital Filmmaking students posing together with the faculty.

Vina Puspita, our Digital Design best student.

Ferry Arya Seto, Our best Digital Filmmaking students give speech to his parents, friends and lecturers.

Student parent give thanks to all lecturers and academic team at DSCollege.

After a wonderful moment to take pictures together, we close our event with portfolio showcase and pray to the graduates and Digital Studio College.

We pray together for DSCollege and our students future.

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