Friday, April 11, 2008

Female Android

Dewasa ini, kemampuan robot sudah makin mendekati seperti manusia. Di Canada dikembangkan Aiko, robot wanita yang mampu melakukan komunikasi sederhana, belajar dari percakapan ini, membaca buku, koran dan memecahkan problem matematika.

Sedang di Jepang, dikembangkan Actroid DER2 yang dimanfaatkan sebagai penyambut tamu pada berbagai expo.


Source: Aiko Website

Current Aiko:

Aiko has the ability to talk and interact in the same way as a normal conversation with any other human, including the ability to learn new things from conversations (13,000+ sentences). Aiko can read books, newspapers (font size at least 12 pts). She has the ability to solve math problems displayed to her visually. Aiko has the ability to see color patterns on the clothes you are wearing. Aiko in theory has the ability to bring you your orange juice or coffee. In other words, Aiko can distinguish between the different drinks. She can also recognize simple foods such as Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Sandwiches. Aiko has the ability to recognize the faces of family members, or Aiko can be programmed to activate defense mode when it does not recognize the person’s face in the house such as in the case of an intruder. How advance is Aiko? When you are about to go outside, Aiko can tell you to bring an umbrella if it is going to rain or wear warmer clothes if it is windy. Hopefully, some day Aiko will have the ability to move around the surrounding. She can do push-ups, and sit-ups just like a human.

Future Aiko:
  • Build a more advance taste bud system.
  • Further develop the ability to move around the environment more smoothly including going up/down stairs.
  • Enhance functional ability such as include the ability to cancel your meetings or make other appointments, and relay your messages by email or MSN to any person from your group list.
  • Develop a breathing system.
  • Ability to massage shoulders and neck.
  • Ability to map the surroundings and upload to data server.

Ref: Kokoro website

Kokoro a division of Sanrio which specializes in robotics has unveiled the Actroid DER2 fembot a successor to the Actroid DER. Its limbs, torso and facial expressions are controlled by a system of actuators powered by pneumatic pressure. She can even choreograph her motions and gestures with her voice.

Actroid is designed to work as a receptionist or emcee. The receptionist version sits in a sensor-laden booth and can answer questions in four languages, almost like a fortuneteller. Four receptionist Actroids gave directions to visitors at the 2005 Aichi Expo in Japan.

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