Sunday, July 20, 2008

1001 Inspiration Design Festival at Blog

Source: Customxait

Some stuff from 1001 Inspirational Design Exhibition 2008

held by 17 until 24 July on Senayan City, jakarta

theres a collective character design competition too, even less than 1001 entries but it collected more than 920 artworks.

and heres some flicks from the event.

Peyo Submission

my char’ with other entries

Heres my submission called

Motherland (Ibu Pertiwi)

Kitty Felicia - 20 Finalis - Best Barongan Category

And Heres Kitty Felicia Character called

“Si Kenyem”

one of 20’s Finalist and got the best nominee character design

for Barongan Category, Congratz Big Sista…

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