Monday, June 09, 2008

iGotcha installs first interactive display in Canada

igotcha digital signage

iGotcha media has installed an interactive window display at Garage’s flagshop Montreal store, located at the corner of Peel and St-Catherine Street. (I actually noticed it last week but they only officially announced it today). Window shoppers can interact with a touch screen interface, access the Garage website, product info, and participate to forums. The screen is in high-definition and has a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

This is the first interactive digital signage in Canada, and I found it very innovative. It’s much better (as in environment-friendly) than printing endlessly brochures on latest store sales and discounts. It is also faster on broadcasting information, as store managers can show videos through an easy-to-use interface or highlight real-time product information.

iGotcha media says Garage was the ideal spot as teenagers and young women are “incredibly active online” and that interactive displays are more captivating than “traditional” signage. But just wait until they install one at Futureshop’s store in St-Catherine.

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