Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Andi Boediman Launches Ideosource, Incubates eEvent.com

We’ve been wondering about what Andi Boediman will do after he left the e-commerce giant Plasa.com earlier this year following the steps of his fellow partner Shinta Dhanuwardoyo. Andi told us that he wanted to focus on his educational venture, International Design School, but we always knew he wasn’t gonna give up the startup scene that easy.
Today, Andi S Boediman officially announce that he’s starting a brand new tech-startup incubator called Ideosource. And surprisingly, he’s already got an event management startup eEvent under Ideosource.
Below is Andi’s comment on Ideosource and their decision to incubate eEvent.com.

Ideosource sees the potential in Indonesia market with its content, media, ecommerce and all supporting infrastructure. We translate this to our community-based and consumer-oriented investment portfolios. We’re partnering with eevent in our capacity as an incubator. After this stage we will further arrange investment deals with them.
Ideosource is currently incubating eEvent.com before moving on to the next stage to further invest the company this July. Andi said that Ideosource is preparing around US$5 million fund for investment, and they’ll be giving away around $250k for each company.


We’ve reached out to Edy Sulistyo the founder and CEO of eEvent.com for comment on the news :
The reason is simply because we value VC as partner beyond the investment amount. We personally think culture, vision, and access to market is more important than anything else. Since we know Andi Boediman and Edward Chamdani at the personal level and we know what they have contributed so far to the IT industry in Indonesia, we are very confident that this partnership can take eEvent to the next level.

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