Tuesday, August 02, 2011

IDEAFEST 2011: Be the Next Creative Billionaire

IDEAFEST starts with a simple notion, as Indonesian, do we proud of ourselves? About our creativity, innovation and inspiration? And can creativity be turned into prosperity to those who believe in them?

In 2007 we started with the journey, by inviting 12 designers around the world, including Stefan Sagmeister, Karim Rashid and many others. Now 4 years down the line, the conference is our proof that we are proud to be Indonesian, to be a rainmaker, to be inspiration among the youth. That creative industry has given birth to Indonesian successful creative entrepreneurs.

Now we learn from them. How they turn ideas into successful businesses.

And I am proud to be part of it.

Thanks to Bernhard Soebiakto as the conference leader. Thanks to all the speakers to inspire all of us. And thanks to all the committee to envision and execute this vision!

Me, ibu Dian Muljadi and Sarah Sechan discussing about Woman in Digital, that inspiration comes from daily life. We learn from our kids most of the time, how digital world shapes their behavior. Content, community and commerce will be the key in understanding woman in digital.

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