Friday, August 26, 2011

IdeoSource Invests in TouchTen, Launches New Game

Ideosource - Touchten

Remember Hachiko? The mobile game app that was mentioned by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in a talk at Bali, Indonesia last month? Well, Hachiko quickly became a top ten app in the U.S and Japan, and is the most downloaded free mobile app that has been developed by an Indonesia-based app development firm.

More good news from TouchTen was announced in a media conference earlier this week: IdeoSource has invested in TouchTen.

We sort of guessed it when we were at the IDBYTE event at Jakarta recently. We questioned both Anton Soeharyo, the co-founder of TouchTen, and the folks from Ideosource about such a tie-up – but they simply smiled their way through our constant bombardment.

In a press release from TouchTen, a delighted Anton stated:
There were several companies offering investment cooperation before. But when we met with the Ideosource team, we immediately felt there is a match in our vision and mission. With their experience and passion, we can find a safe place where we can work better. It only took two months for the evaluation and negotiation process until the cooperation was officially established. It was nice to get full support from people who are not only intelligent and professional, but also proud of our achievements and willing to take risks with us.
It’s good news because it empowers TouchTen to bring more of its games to the global stage. Besides Hachiko, Sushi Chain is another of its famous games. That was downloaded across the world, racking up a whopping two million downloads within a just a year.

Now TouchTen has released its newest game for iPhone and iPod Touch, called Hiyoko, which stands a good chance of being another App Store hit.

Andi S Boediman of Ideosource last told us that the team is always on the look-out for start-ups who have three core qualities: fundamental capabilities; market awareness and business sense; and good personal character and business ethics. TouchTen must have checked out in all three areas in order to become the second start-up incubated by Ideosource.

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